Controlled 3D Biped Stepping Animations using the Inverted Pendulum and Impulse Constraints


conguration. The in v erted pendulum has the ability to handle distur bances from unforeseen push forces, which is accomplished by means of correcti v e steps. Furthermore, the bridge did not allo w for foot friction i.e., slip ping, and it w as necessary to ensure the bridge boards did not displace too...


Kenwright, Ben "Controlled 3D Biped Stepping Animations using the Inverted Pendulum and Impulse Constraints".  Journal: Cyberworlds International Conference 2013, 21-23 October, Yokohama, .

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Author(s): Kenwright, Ben.
Journal: Cyberworlds International Conference 2013, 21-23 October, Yokohama
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